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80/20 Performance in Health and Business

High-performing is all about determination, good habits, and discipline. If you love working effectively and living healthy, independent life with intention, you’ll feel right at home here.

I write about healthy food, well-being, biohacking, online business, marketing, productivity, entrepreneurship, and self-development. As the journey is just starting it’s a perfect time for you to join and learn at the same pace with me.


Biohacking without devices?

Are you a true Biohacker if you don’t wear expensive devices or get blood tests regularly? Is there a more grounded version of health hacking that relies on just listening to your body? But first, what is biohacking? “Biohacking refers to the application of IT hacks...

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Bulletproof Breakfast

Bulletproof Breakfast usually means Bulletproof® Coffee with good, healthy fats. Your body remains in a fasting state and starts burning fat effectively. However, for women, it´s not recommended to continue the intermittent fasting protocol for a long time in a row...

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3 mistakes I made when starting the Bulletproof diet

Starting Bulletproof diet can be challenging. The first months require quite some figuring out with ratios, amounts, and timing. After this learning phase, I definitely confirm the importance of listening to your body and making changes based on that. There is no one...

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