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It’s all about High-Performance Food

Food that optimizes well-being, performance, and pleasure is my biggest passion. I’m digging deeper into what healthy diet is and how to easily prepare simple and tasty meals.

On this website, I’ll gather facts, recipes, and meal plans for high-performers. After researching and testing different diets, I’ve found the Bulletproof Diet, created by Dave Asprey, being closest to what I consider healthy. By sharing my experiences I hope to be able to help especially other women interested in optimal performance.


Biohacking without devices?

Are you a true Biohacker if you don’t wear expensive devices or get blood tests regularly? Is there a more grounded version of health hacking that relies on just listening to your body? But first, what is biohacking? “Biohacking refers to the application of IT hacks...

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Bulletproof Breakfast

Bulletproof Breakfast usually means Bulletproof® Coffee with good, healthy fats. Your body remains in a fasting state and starts burning fat effectively. However, for women, it´s not recommended to continue the intermittent fasting protocol for a long time in a row...

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3 mistakes I made when starting the Bulletproof diet

Starting Bulletproof diet can be challenging. The first months require quite some figuring out with ratios, amounts, and timing. After this learning phase, I definitely confirm the importance of listening to your body and making changes based on that. There is no one...

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